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7 Inspiring Stories From Hurricane Irma

In the wake of hurricane Irma we know that many have suffered great tragedies and loss. We wanted to share with you some stories that have uplifted our spirits, we hope it does the same for you.

No surprise that our courageous U.S. Marines were in action to help.

This nun, Sister Margaret Ann wasted no time and began clearing trees in her community.

Actress Kristen Bell from Frozen was personally responsible for helping evacuate families.

Police officers from all around Florida were assisting families. In this case the helped this family return safely from the hospital to their hotel.

From reporting the news to becoming the news, these Today Show reporters helped rescue beached dolphins.

This amazing story of an 8 year girl, who helped save 16 lives in an electrical fire caused by Hurricane Irma.

These stories serve as a great reminder that even in the face of tragedies, people are able to accomplish wonderful, selfless things.

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