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Boat Lift Installation

Neptune & Golden Boat Lift Dealer

DSI Marine Construction has a highly experienced and knowledgeable boat lift team.  When it comes to helping you pick the right lift for your boat and setting it up correctly, DSI always gets the job done right the first time.  All of our boat lift piling and dock pilings are driven to a firm bottom with our large drop hammers.  If rock is encountered, will will not set the piling on top of the rock, we will break through the rock with one of our many rock punches so that your pilings are sitting securely on a firm bottom.

DSI Marine Construction is proud to be Neptune & Golden Boat Lift dealer in Marco Island, Naples, Cape Coral and Fort Myers. Over the years, they've provided the highest quality product possible at a competitive price, making them the largest boat lift manufacturers in the Country. 

4-Post Boat Lift
Platform Boat Lift
Photo Mar 15, 2 38 00 PM
Marina & Conda Boat Lift
Yacht Lifts​
Elevator Boat Lift
PWC Boat Lift
Double Jet Ski Lift
Copy of Double Skis_Center Catwalk, Sternwalk (3)
Low Profile Beamless Lift​
Boat Lift Catalogs
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