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Boat Dock Construction

Residential & Commercial

The luxury of owning a waterfront property can only be made better with one of DSI Marine’s boat docks. Our docks are set apart from the rest because each one of them is custom made and custom built just for you. We have models for you to look at to get ideas, but essentially all of our docks are built especially for you. We work with your budget in order to give you something spectacular. Docks are not there just for aesthetic purposes, they also provide safety and a home for your water toys such as boats, jet skis, kayaks, etc. They can come in quite handy on a day that you choose to go out for a ride on your boat. Instead of having to drive a few miles to get it out of a yard or storage, all you have to do is walk out to your backyard and hop into your boat and go. How convenient is that!

For more information on custom boat docks or a free estimate call 239-259-8696

DSI Marine’s boat docks are built with only the best materials. The most common material is AZEK PVC Decking. This type of material is both durable and aesthetically appealing and maintenance free.

Weather is a huge factor when it comes to the longevity of boat docks in Southwest Florida. Weather can age a product faster than it should which is why DSI Marine only builds decks with the best materials we can find. Your satisfaction with our work is one of our biggest priorities as your satisfaction reflects how well we are doing with our jobs. We understand that you will be using our products for more than just boating activities. One of the most common uses of this product is an entertainment area. Many of our customers have commented on how extraordinary it is to be able to break bread with their family and friends by the water in their own home. Whether it is brunch, lunch, or dinner eating by the water for a decent price is rare. We want to make sure that the platform that is holding all of your friends and family is going to be strong enough to hold everyone. Our job is to make sure that you enjoy our products safely. To get started, call 239-259-8696 to get more information.

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