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What Do I Get With A DSI Maintenance Plan?

  • Grease Top Beams

  • Check & Lubricate Cables

  • Grease Bull & Worm Gears

  • Tighten Belts or Chains

  • Check Motor Covers / Clean

  • Inspect Condition & Placement of Guide Poles

  • Inspect Condition of Zincs​

  • Grease Cradles

  • Inspect Condition of Bunks

  • Make Sure Bunks are Properly Aligned for Boat.

  • Inspect Pulleys for Damage

  • Confirm Boat Lift Sitting On Lift Properly.

Twice Per Year
Twice Per Year
Twice Per Year
  • ​Inspect Seawall Panels

  • Inspect Seawall Cap

  • Inspect French Drain

  • Inspect Condition of Decking

  • Inspect Condition of Framing

  • Inspect Condition of Hardware

  • Inspect Pile Wrap to Make Sure it is Secure​

  • Inspection Pilings for Marine Borer Damage


A detailed report will be prepared for all of your inspections noting the current conditions of your property and also be showing any recommended repair items.


This report will be uploaded to your personal portal that you can access anytime and have a history of all of your maintenance reports.

Boat Lift, Dock & Seawall Annual Maintenance Program

To avoid expensive repairs, a routine inspection and maintenance of your boat lift, dock and seawall are suggested.


DSI offers the most complete & comprehensive boat lift, dock & seawall maintenance plan available. We will service your boat lift & inspect your dock & seawall two times per year.  Yearly maintenance is vital for extending the life of a boat lift, dock & seawall. Our service keeps your lift(s) in optimal working order year round.  DSI's Annual Maintenance Plan is designed to avoid lost time on the water and expensive service calls.


Our trained technician will go over your boat lift, dock & seawall completely and give you a detailed report with exactly what type of service was performed. We will notify you any issues that need attention. All Plan subscribers will receive a 10% discount on all parts as well.

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